Elopement Ceremony

The elopement ceremony is performed in a local, public venue any day of the week and with very little notice. For a small extra fee, it can also be done in your Nashville-area home.  An elopement is the perfect choice for couples who prefer an intimate last-minute ceremony with only their witness, those wishing to avoid the high costs of a large wedding, or those for whom time is a factor.  The ceremony will be as warm, heartfelt and memorable as any traditional one.

All Services include a Personalized, Souvenir Booklet of your Vows

We are pleased to offer the following marriage services to you:

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Vow Renewal Ceremony

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is chosen by couples who have been together for several years and wish to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other.  We will work with you to bring elements of your original wedding day into the Vow Renewal and make the occasion a celebration of your life together. 

Traditional Secular Ceremony

For a Traditional Ceremony we will work to create a beautiful, customized ceremony that reflects your personal qualities, traditions and preferences as a couple. Each ceremony will be tailored to fit your distinctive style and you can select from many additional options to truly make the ritual yours. Consultations and ongoing input prior to your wedding date ensure you have the perfect ceremony.